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Blue Sun Fusion wants to help you, our community to strengthen the body and mind. Allow us to share with you holistic methods, classes and workshops that may improve your quality of life.

Build Body Confidence

     Belly Dance allows women to pay attention to their bodies. Dancing allows us to work with our bodies and not against it.. Sharing our interests with others in class gives us a sense of community and well-being..  Through this, it promotes Self Confidence. Enjoy and feel safe in being able to express the beautiful ways you can move your body as a Woman.

Improve your...



Core Strength


Improve Memory

Aids in Flexibility

Helps Digestion

Sleep and Rest Better

Stress Relief

     Take the time to spend on Yourself. You are important! Leave everything else at the door. Class time is meant for you! Let go of all the worries you have and just move, laugh, challenge yourself. The more we get to know ourselves and trust ourselves, the better we may be able to handle the daily stresses that Life brings us! 

Belly Dance can help improve your overall wellness! 

   "Ladies…is your balance good? Are you flexible? Do you have arthritis? Do you need to get out and meet new people? Do you need to exercise? Do you like beautiful music? Do you like to dance? Well, do I have a place for you to go! Blue Sun Fusion 

Belly Dance studio.

    I will be 70 in September and have all the aches and pains that some of us get when we get older. I attend the Controlled Fluid Movement Belly Dance class. After getting home from work at 6:00pm, I sometimes really don’t want to get back in the car and drive, but once I’m there, I am glad I went.

    Jamie reinforces that we are all beautiful women, no matter what shape we are in. She emphasizes that if it hurts or you can’t do exactly what she does, just move.

   As we age we need to keep moving our bodies, if we don’t, we will end up sitting in that rocking chair and really get old. There is no need for that!!! My chiropractor thinks belly dance is good for older people because your brain really has to work to remember the moves……another reason to use it or lose it!

    I won’t lie to you, it is a work out, but you feel good about getting your body to move for that hour and it’s fun! 

   I look forward to seeing new people on Mondays! You will think you are young again!"  ...  Jan Fritsche

Belly Dance Helps to Improve Your Overall Physical Fitness

     As you are having fun dancing.... Belly Dance can also firm and tone all the major muscle groups, such as: back muscles, hamstrings, glutes, arms and quadriceps. Also did you know dancing can help you to build strong and new neural pathways in the brain?Belly Dance can be very active, yet it is gentle on your body. You go at your own pace and add on beautiful layers of movement as you learn. Weight loss may occur with a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Overall Pelvic Health

     A woman's pelvic region plays a very important part in her life. From our youth, to motherhood, and as we live out our lives, Belly Dance movements help promote pelvic health and strength. You will see were your abdominal muscles will strengthen over time and you can have more control over your core. You will also see how the movements feel in your body and in return get to know your body and it's gifts. Always check with your doctor before you begin any activities if you have health concerns... 

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