Belly Dance Classes are held inside the Recreation Center904 Civic Dr. Dalton, GA 30721 

& at Bob Byrd Judo 616 S. Hamilton St. Dalton Ga. 30720

Beginner Belly Dance Workout 


January 18th, 25th & Feb. 1st 


@ Bob Byrd Judo 

616 S. Hamilton St. Dalton Ga. 30720

3 classes $30.00

Beginner Belly Dance Workout 


January 19th, 26th, & Feb. 2nd


@ Dalton Parks and Recreation        904 Civic Dr. Dalton Ga. 30721

3 classes $30.00

Veil Choreography


January 20th - February 24th


@ Bob Byrd Judo 

616 S. Hamilton St. Dalton Ga. 30720

6 classes $60.00

 Blue Sun Fusion offers 

Private and Semi Private classes! 

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays!!! 

      Contact me Jamie,  and we will plan the day and time of your class. Then go onto and secure your spot by making your full or 1/2 payment online. Your remaining balance can be paid day of your class.

You can pay online @ or through

Messenger (send/request payment ) or

Checks and cash through mail and in person 


***Last minute cancellations will still be charged that class's               fee. Your 1/2 payment will go towards that balance. 

Private Class ... $30.00 1 hour

Semi Private Class ... $25.00 1 hour each up to 3 students

In Home Class ... $50.00 1 hour up to 10 mile radius after 10 miles another $5 extra every mile.

We meet @ ...... Dalton Parks and Recreation Department

 904 Civic Dr, Dalton, GA 30721

    And @ ......  618 S Hamilton St, Dalton, GA 30720

Next door to Bob Byrd Judo



*We do practice social distancing

*Please bring your own water bottle

*Please bring your mask with you

*Please do not come to class if you are sick or you   are feeling sick or have been in contact with anyone sick!

*Please contact me As Soon As Possible  to reschedule your class! 

Private and semi private Lessons ..... Contact Jamie to schedule your class time!



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     Normally we meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month (in the warmer months). Keep a watch on our Facebook park page for updates on what park we will be at and new details on how you can be apart of Bellydance in the Park. We will be taking a break from the park during the cold weather and will start back in the spring.

Try  something new, this may be the fun you are looking for!

       I will great you with a big smile and honor your new adventure.. We build onto each week with new movements and instruction. Explanations, breakdowns and Belly Dance terminology, help you understand the nature of the Dance. The Beyond Beginner classes are combined with the Beginner classes... Some students find this comforting in the fact that they know they are with others here just like themselves.. starting out and still learning .. and I find that the students learn from each other also. You do not have to have any kind of dance experience to start Belly Dance classes. 

 Drop ins: $13.00

Mixed Level Beginners

Beginners and Beyond

Description of the classes I teach:

Middle Earth Classes

     After you have completed the Beginner and Beyond Beginner classes, you will be ready to move on to the Middle Earth Classes. 33 weeks of ongoing learning. Each week we learn a handful of new movements, review movements and combinations, and how to put them all together.  We will learn about music, rhythm, and how to apply these movements to our personal dance. There may be times when we practice with props, costuming and instruments. This class is also designed for drop-ins. You will not "fall behind" these are technique and understanding classes also for multiple levels of dancers to learn something new, polish up, and have fun. 

By the 33rd week you will be dancing and ready to spread your Joy!

Drop ins: $13.00

Private Lessons

Tell me what you would like to work on or I can personalize class plans for you. From basic beginner lessons, use of props, staging and audience interactions, advanced lessons and understanding choreography and more. Ongoing support and homework are included...!!!

Please speak to me first before making an online payment.

$30.00 - $50.00 an hour.


                                          Children's Classes             

Children 3 years old and up may take their own class. Parents are encouraged to stay with their children while they are in class. Classes run 1 hour 1 day a week for 4 weeks. We practice beginner movements in a fun environment, play dancey games and improv dance. This class is taught by request only.

4Weeks @ $40.00



These are learned in the classroom as a group to practice and polish. Some choreographies may be offered in short workshops. Choreo practice can run up to 8 weeks of practice.

                                          Belly Dance Workout

Here is the class that Shimmies and Bumps! Giving the body that constant fast workout. All the movements are Belly Dance related and we will use faster upbeat music. The body will keep moving and burn calories. We will be using our arms, torso, hips and legs. We will take notice of our weight distribution and posture. There will be a warm up in the beginning and a cool down stretch at end the class.

This class is designed so anyone can drop in at anytime or attend regularly.

                                                     Commissioned Choreographies

   These choreographies are different than the class/troupe choreographies. The starting fee is $200.00  For 1 person. This includes the creation of your choreography and a printed copy tailored to a song that you have chosen or we have chose together that is at max 4 minutes long. You will receive a copy of the song. Also 5 one hour classes of instruction for you to learn the dance. If you have more than 1 person or more than 1 song please contact me and we will go over the details of the dances, songs and price.

       Controlled Fluid Movement

In this class we give our whole body a slow controlled workout. All our movements are Belly Dance related and we will take time to apply them slowly throughout the muscles to enhance control of the movements and the strong bodies that we are building. In this class I will also be sharing the art of Belly Dance.

We will be using slower and softer music to move to. This class is not a high impact class. It is designed to help in overall body strength, balance, posture, weight distribution, and muscle memory. So if you don’t like or want the fast upbeat workout, this class is for you. We will learn the movements slowly and stream them together fluidly. This class is designed as a drop in class that can be added to any routine or taken on a regular basis.

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